Thursday, October 23, 2008

No theme this week

I have a big headache, so I have no theme for the plants this week. Or maybe the theme is, "I can easily talk about these things"

5. Kiwi
Already knew: Kiwis are a small, fuzzy fruit with green, tasty flesh. They are native to China, and therefore I thought, didn't grow in Seattle. You can eat the skin if you want, but it's a super weird texture.
Recently learned: To fruit, Kiwis need a male and a female plant. I have both in my yard. I can't be sure until I see the flowers (the male flowers are smaller) but I think the first picture is the female and the second, the male. Kiwi is difficult to pollinate, because bees don't like the flowers. The best way to do it is to stick a bee hive in the middle of kiwi orchard. That seems like more work then I would want to do for one kiwi plant, but it also explains why we didn't see any fruit this year.

6. Purple Clover
Already knew: Purple Clover is a happy little ground cover plant. You can suck the individual petals for a little tasty treat. Bees love purple clover, so maybe I should plant some near the Kiwi.
Recently learned: The flowers have both male and female parts. You can also eat the roots. The stems make a good broom. The plant lives for a few years, then dies after flowering.

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