Monday, October 6, 2008

I can haz drinks?

I can haz drinks?
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In the last week, Moira has gone from watching the food go into my mouth very carefully to trying to grab it from my hands. She especially likes bottles, which are fun to chew. She also likes to make chewing motions when she sees us eat. However, when I've tried to give her sips of water, she tries to suck instead. Dear baby, you are obviously not ready. Calm down and figure out how to sit up on your first, then we can talk about food.

My next door neighbor invited me to join her quilt group and showed me the quilts she's made, including a take off on the Candyland board with coffee instead. She even made little playing pieces and a die. Now I'm both excited and totally intimidated. Also, she told me that the giant vine taking over my side yard is a Kiwi. She thinks the gigantic one is the female, and the tiny one in the corner is the male, so theoretically we could have kiwi fruits. I wonder what the growing season for those is.

I've decided to make Moira a set of plushy dice for Christmas. I got the 4 sider most of the way finished this weekend. I'm really pleased with it. We'll see if I still think this is a good idea when I get to the 10 sider.

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