Monday, October 13, 2008

Cranky pants

Moira & Shannon
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It was Walker's birthday yesterday (Merry unbirthday , so we had friends over on Saturday and then went to dinner with my parents and sister on Sunday.
The party was lots of fun, brought her guitars and showed almost everyone how to make a power chord. Most amusingly, she owns the Guitar Hero song book, and we looked at that while downstairs, Walker, Alex & Becca's Andrew played Rock Band. (On a side note, there are too many Andrews in my life. I used to refer to them all as additions to the women I knew who were dating them, even if I spent more time with the Andrew, but now Tillie's Andrew is no longer dating Tillie, and I really don't know either of his new ladies, and Becca's Andrew refuses to let me call Tillie's Andrew Canadian Andrew, purely based on the fact that Becca's Andrew is still technically a Canadian, so now I have to refer to Tillie's Andrew as Breklor and hope it doesn't confuse my parents too much.)
Anyway, much fun was had, Moira didn't want to miss the fun so she mostly stayed awake until everyone left around 9:30, and then didn't want to calm down to go to sleep for another hour and a half or so. From yesterday through now, she's been too overtired to sleep well. Last night there was a lot of her waking up enough to wake me up all the way, so she could have a suck and fall back to sleep. Like, 20 times. It also means that occasionally, she'll freak out very suddenly, so dinner last night she was in the sling most of the time, even though we brought her brand new baby chair thingy.
Alex was talking about his love of parenthesis at the party. (I too love parenthesis) It was agreed that they are a good way to make a run on sentence even longer.
Hopefully today we can have nice long naps and Moira stop freaking out everytime she knocks her toy out of the way.

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