Monday, October 20, 2008

Advent Calendar

I have this nifty advent calendar that my mom made when I was little. She used to wrap candies and cheap toys up and tie it to the rings, and my sister and I would take turns unwrapping it. We used to fight vociferously over who would be the evens and odds because we were convinced that one of them got more stuff then the other, although the last time I looked at it I think I decided it wasn't true. Also, my mom, being the third of four children was religious about making sure that things were exactly the same, so if Mika got a chinese yoyo on day 6, I would get one on day 7.
Anyway, I've been trying to decide what to do with it for Moira. Obviously she's too young to really participate, but if I'm going to start these traditions, I may as well start them now when I can do it half assed and no one will care. Walker and I have agreed that we are going to strictly limit the amount of cheap plastic crap that we buy for her, and a bunch of candy seems like a bad idea for obvious reasons.
I think I've figured out a good thing to do instead. I can write experiences on pieces of paper and tie them to the rings. Then each day we can do a different, Christmas time experience, and if there is eventually another kid, everyone gets to enjoy every day. The only problem is coming up with enough things I can either do easily with a 7 month old baby, or was going to do regardless.

My ideas so far:
Put up Christmas tree
Make paper snowflakes for front window
Make handprint ornaments for grandparents
Play in the snow
Sing Christmas Carols
Make shortbread
Wrap presents
Hang stockings
Make Moira's stocking
See Santa
Buy presents
Read Father Christmas (and/or other Christmas stories)
Write Christmas letter
Mail Christmas letters
Visit Nana
Visit Great Grandma

Can you think of anything else I can do? I need 24 things.

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