Friday, September 26, 2008

This is only a phase.

This has been an interesting week. Moira can scoot herself around pretty well (not just wiggle in a circle) but she's not good at aiming yet, so she just ends up wedged under the couch. She can actively reach for her toys, but not consistently grab them, so she frequently just knocks them away and gets annoyed. She's not wanting to nap as much as she needs too lately, so she ends up cranky and rubbing her eyes until I take her to bed, at which time it's smile and giggle at Mommy time! Yay! Or, more annoying is when we lie down and she's cranky and can't settle and annoyed that food doesn't stay in her mouth while she violently tosses her head.
To make this week even. more. fun. Walker is on call. I don't know how his nights have been because he's sleeping in the guest room so the pager doesn't wake Moira up, but the last two nights he hasn't been able to come home until it's almost bedtime, and even then he has had to continue work once he got here.
Things Moira likes right now,
Standing (see picture, she is only being supported by one hand, and she can hold that posture for 30 seconds.)
Sitting on the couch between me and Walker, or between one of us and a pillow.
Holding one finger in each hand alternating which one is in her mouth. The only thing better then fingers to chew on is fingers to chew on that you can control.

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