Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A rare post that's not about Moira.

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I've been busy making jam and applesauce. Partly, spurred on by , partly by the large number of apples in our back yard, mostly the fact that our kitchen easily has enough space near the stove to make canning easy.
From left to right the picture is, blackberry jam, peach vanilla jam, apple pie filling, blackberry peach jam, and peach sauce (for ice cream). I didn't manage to get all the bubbles out of the apple pie filling, but hopefully it will be okay, or we will use it fast enough that I don't have to worry. There's another pot of apples cooking on the stove, but I think those may wait for some more blackberries since I found the mother lode of unpicked blackberries two blocks from my house. Seriously, they are rotting on the vine. What is wrong with my neighbors?
I need a bigger stock pot and a pressure cooker before I can put anything else in the quart jars. My stock pot is one and a half inches taller then the quart jar, and since you have to have an inch of water over the jar, it was a right mess when I was trying to seal the jars. Which is too bad, because I have cabbage I want to put in them, but really, for cabbage I need the pressure cooker anyway.

I'm totally going to make my own apple pectin next year. I found a recipe and it seems the perfect way to use up some of our apples, since you don't even have to peel them to do it. Did I mention that I still have one unharvested apple tree? Yeah. And we missed one, so those apples are just from two trees, one of which only produced eight apples.
I've also been freezing stuff for Moira for when she starts eating. So far I have apples, peaches and butternut squash. I am trying to figure out if I can do blackberries, but I'd need to de-seed it and then it would basically be baby jelly. Maybe she can just wait for next summer to experience blackberries.
Okay, so that was a tiny bit about Moira.

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