Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Drunken baby
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So, Moira and I went to the store, and I was thinking how sad it was that she would be starting to eat in the winter, when there's no fresh fruit available locally, and I was too out of it earlier in the summer to store, say, the cheap ass blueberries I saw at the farmers market. Then I saw a thing of strawberries for pretty cheap, and decided to take those home and freeze some puree for her. She refused to take her regular length afternoon nap, instead getting cranky and tired every ten minutes, but refusing to go back to sleep, because, hello mom, it's not nap time. So it wasn't until Walker got home and I had cut up most of the strawberries that I remembered. Strawberries are citrus, and I therefore need to wait until she's a year old at least before giving them to her, at which time it will be strawberry season again, and she can have fresh ones.
So I have another reason why we need to get together. I have fresh strawberry puree for your lemonade.

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