Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Thank you firesika!

This is a rough approximation of a conversation I had with [info]firesika the last time she called.
Her: I just sent you a package.
Me: That's nice of you, thank you.
Her: You have to take a picture of it when it gets there.
Me: Ooookay. Let me write that down, my brain is a sieve.
Her: You don't need to write it down. When you see it, you will remember.

Package from Sika
Each of those stamps is 75 Kwacha (about 54 cents US), the largest stamp the post office sells.
Inside there was cumin and whole vanilla beans from Tanzania, a huge green scarf and a wrap thing (the Tanzanian version of the Malawian sarong type thing), also green. Plus a letter which I read out loud to Moira, even the swearing bits.

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