Thursday, August 21, 2008

In which Moira learns to paint

Doggy rides!
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wanted to see a picture of the painting we did in Moira's room last weekend. Well, this is the only picture so far, the color is not that mustardy in reality, it's much more primary yellow. We have a weekend set aside in September to do the blue and red stripes. It makes me happier to be in there already. It feels much more like a real room now, despite the continued lack of furniture.
I think my days of being able to plop Moira on the floor and walk away are coming to an end. She now flips from her back to her tummy almost as soon as I put her down, at least during the day. She has yet to do this while Walker is home, despite doing it so often yesterday that she got really annoyed at always being on her tummy.

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