Friday, August 15, 2008

Get out of my eyes sleepiness!

Get out of my eyes sleepiness!
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After not sleeping much when people came over last Sunday (because, OMG people are talking! And doing things! And breathing loudly!) she seems to have realized that she doesn't need to sleep 20 hours out of every day (the average 3 month old sleeps 15 hours a day). This is good because it means she's not trying to nap every half an hour for 20 minutes, and instead has settled into two 1.5- 3 hour naps a day, plus a smaller one in the evening (because Daddy is home! And the dog is loud! And I like parenthesis!). This is bad because she has decided that it would be fun to be awake at midnight. Also, very suddenly, the swaddling blanket is evil! Well, the blanket is fine, the swaddling is not fine. Walker and I are taking turns getting up with her when she wakes up after the original bedtime falling asleep wide awake and cooing.
Oh, did I mention the cooing? Super cute. She mostly coos when she's happy but fighting sleep. It's absolutely adorable, and at the same time, really annoying at 11pm.

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