Saturday, July 26, 2008

We are good advertising

We are good advertising
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We went to the Google company picnic. I think these things will be much more fun when Moira can actually participate. It was at Beringer farms. There were bouncy playthings, face painting, and pony rides. There was also a toddler play area, but she's still too small for that even. At least we got to participate in the eating. I cannot believe the number of Googlers (yes, that's what they call themselves. New hires are Nooglers, but I digress) who came up to us in the one hour we were there to say "I didn't know there were baby hats too!"
Also apparently I dressed her like a boy because everyone today thought she was a boy. It's okay with me, but it really embarrassed the lady who told her "you have such a little guy face."
We also saw Sean (from Norwescon) and his family. I talked to his wife a bit and she took a picture of Moira in her little corporate whore outfit. It's nice that has such an unusual name, because it's easy to connect to people I know vaguely through her. There is only the one pearl in NW fandom a far as I know, so if you know a pearl, you know my pearl.

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