Friday, July 25, 2008

Munsch munsch munsch

I just got a package from one of my distant Canadian relatives that included this book: Moira's Birthday by my favorite Canadian children's book author, Robert Munsch. I had no idea this book existed, so I'm super excited.


I ordered the Pirate! Robeez shoes and they were scheduled to arrive on Wednesday. A package did in fact arrive, and the tracking website says that the delivery of my package was confirmed. Unfortunately, the package on my door step is from Crate & Barrel, for someone with a completely different name then mine, and for an address on 83rd street. In fact, everything about the package is so different from what my package and label should have read that I'm completely confused how the mistake happened. I called FedEx right away and they said they would get it fixed ASAP, but the package is still on my doorstep. If the right one doesn't show up by tonight, I get to call and complain again. Whee.

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