Monday, July 21, 2008

Dear Robeez

I love your shoes because they stay on baby feet really well and have fun, bright patterns. Yesterday I ordered a pair of shoes from your website. As seems to be normal for kids clothing, you have split your shoes into two categories, girls and boys. I wouldn't have too much of problem with this, except that you split things up in the most stereotypical way. The "girls" shoes are mostly pastel with hearts and cupcakes and things like that. All of the gender neutral options, like monsters, dragons, lions and horses are in the boys section, to speak nothing of the fact that all the soccer balls, guitars and race cars are strictly "boys" shoes. Have you never heard of Mia Hamm? Danica Patrick? Joan Jett? I understand that the vast majority of parents insist on pink, white and purple for their baby girls, but perhaps you could have a unisex section in addition to the boys and girls sections. As you had more choices for boys shoes then girls, it seems like you have the inventory for three sections.

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