Friday, July 18, 2008

Bedtime is for suckers

Bedtime!We have been trying to start a bedtime ritual now that we are in the same place for more then a week. Mostly what that means is that Walker is reading her one or two two books from the gigantic stack that my Dad bought her. Unfortunately, she still has a cranky period every evening starting around 8pm, which we first thought was because she was tired, but if we go to sleep then, she wakes up after 10 minutes to play. So instead, we try to keep her calm for an hour, hour and a half and then start bedtime proceedings. The first picture is what I am hoping the bedtime ritual will look like.
No bedtime!This is what it mostly looks like. She does seem interested in the pictures when she isn't crying, so hopefully she'll be happy to hear the stories soon.

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