Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Audacity of Hope

Moira and I are going to visit my Nana at her retirement home this afternoon. I wanted her to wear this absolutely adorable outfit (bought by Walker's Aunt, Pickle, you can't see the smocking around the neck and the embroidered roses in this picture) because I figured the old ladies would love it. In a fit of silliness on my part, I put her in it when we got dressed this morning, figuring that she has stopped going through more then one outfit per day all the time, so it would probably be fine.
Silly mommy, of course it's not fine. You can't wear an outfit this fancy without spitting up on it 17 million times in ten minutes, and then leaking out the side of the diaper.
The good news is that the headband stays on her head really well and it didn't seem to bother her to be wearing it, so we will have to remember to put those on more often.
We are now on outfit #2, slightly less cute, but made of denim and therefore less likely to get messy.

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