Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Because I am intensely frustrated

With my wonderful daughter who is refusing to stay asleep longer then 10 minutes (or until I change positions) while her father is out of town and the only person around is my Mom who cannot hold her for longer than a few minutes, because of the MS.

Things I like about the Squidgelet:

Most of the noises she makes are of a variety normally heard from little old men clearing their throats.
She has started trying to smile at me, instead of just randomly when she feels satisfied.
In the right light sometimes her eyes are purple, which makes the 13 year old inside me very happy.
When she stretches in her sleep, her lips form the Mick Jagger pout, which I cannot replicate because my lips always go pouty when I try.
This staying asleep problem does not happen at night, so I'm getting a reasonable amount of sleep.

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