Monday, May 21, 2007

Con bingo

Hey look [info]mspurplepearl!, I finally got the Bingo list typed up.
I think we are going to need more options, if it's going to be worth it to make a program to randomly generate bingo boards. I would appreciate any and all input at this point.

Asterixes are next to the ones I'm not sure about, because they are too vague, overlap with other entries or are too timely and may not be even possible to find at future cons.

Annoying morning person
Ascended being*
Baby at the dance
Bunny ears
Cape as a costume
Captain Jack*
Cat makeup
Chain mail clothing
Computer geek shirt*
Con headset
Electrical taped nipples*
Glitter abuse
Glommer on*
Glow accessories
Harry Potter costume*
Hey! Put on a bra!
Hot Topic goth*
“I took taichi at the Y!' dance style*
Inappropriate spandex
Instant costume
Jail bait
Lame Klingon
Lampshade goth*
Male mundane formal wear
Man in a corset
Matching couple
Mundane at the con
Noisy costume
Oversized wings
Party ghost
Pervert w/a camera
Pimp daddy
Pink hair
Pirate hat
Real airline employee
Religious costume
Sex while dancing
Stinky gamer
Store bought costume
Too goth to walk
Underwear as costume
White guy shuffle
Yarn dreads

Also, [info]mspurplepearl, I added [info]artvixen and her hubby to my friend's list but they have not added me yet. Please let them know that I put this up because I would really like their input.

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