Wednesday, April 25, 2007

So on the last day of Norwescon I was bit by a tiny attack poodle. I didn't realize it had broken the skin until we got back to the room, so I didn't confront the owner right afterwards. Pearl and Sika convinced me to report it to con security and the hotel, which I did. I gave the hotel the guy's name and they couldn't get a hold of him then.
Shorty after I got home, I was contacted by a lady who manages these things for the hotel's insurance company. I told her everything was fine, but I wanted the immunization records of the dog, in case I got an infection or something. Also, a way to contact him, because while a mutual acquaintance had given me the owner's name, I didn't have a phone number or anything. She just called back and said that she had been cleared to give me his e-mail address.

So here's my dilemma. I'm leaving tomorrow for three weeks, and will have sporadic e-mail access. The bite healed fine, there were no complications and I didn't have to go to the dr's office. I could e-mail him and nag for him to send me copies of his dog's immunization records, but I don't really think I need them anymore so other then the obvious concern that people with dogs who are not properly trained/restrained should really be responsible for what their dogs do, it doesn't seem like this is worth the effort.

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