Monday, September 18, 2006


Walker and I managed to make it all the way to Ireland, without sleeping until 7:30pm local time on Sunday night. Of course, we are awake right now, but I have grand plans to go back to sleep after I'm done here.
I really like seeing the line where night is shrinking behind us, much more then I like seeing the line where dawn is flying towards us.
The Manchester airport is scary. It has a mall inside complete with a Claires and clothing stores. I can see how this works well for people selling things, since I kept walking around (because somehow after more then 12 hours flying I was tired of that) and I was very out of it so I kept thinking "This is cute! And so cheap!" But I decided I wasn't allowed to buy anything at the airport.
I like it here already. I'm so excited to meet Sika in Belfast tomorrow. I hope Walker has fun at Google while I'm gone.

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