Sunday, April 16, 2006

Yay con! YAY!!!

It seems wrong somehow that I am less tired after a weekend of drinking and partying then I usually am after a weekend of working at Norwescon. Being virtuous shouldn't tire you out.

Apparently, Sika and I pretend to be drunk WAY too well, because too many people were convinced they'd seen me drunk at Con before.

I have so much more Goth cred when I am with Pearl. Or possibly, it's just that I was wearing so much black on Saturday.

Pearl and I are too sympathetic. We couldn't go longer then an hour on Thursday night and Friday without someone stopping us and telling us all about the horrible direction their life has taken in the last year, in excruciating detail.

Important life lesson: They guy dressed as Spider Jerusalem is only hot until he takes off his pants. Keep that in mind for future drunken escapades.

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