Monday, April 24, 2006

Super-awesome time '06

So far, so good. Lilacs and lily of the valley are both in bloom. I told the florist they would be, but she didn't believe me.
People are fun and all, but right when I was about to get over socialized to the point of crankyness, it was time for Tillie, Sarah and I to go to the Olympus Day Spa. We highly recommend that, if you are ever in or near Tacoma. Ah bliss.
I have an Art Car now, due to a full can of acrylic paint on the road. Too bad it's not in a color I would like to keep on the car. Walker is cranky that I'm not willing to sit on the street at 10pm and clean it off. Too bad, so sad.
I had a fantabulous time at the Bachelorette Party organized by [info]mspurplepearl, thank you muchly to everyone who made it. Here's hoping Izzy continues to wear the sparkly penis deelibobbers when going out dancing. They go especially well with his "Nobody knows I'm a lesbian" shirt.
There is warm laundry on my lap. That's close to bliss too.

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