Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Because I said I would

Here finally are pictures of the scary plushy demons I have made.

This is an Elder Demon from Nethack. Terrifying isn't he? Walker's still trying to figure out which Demon it is, I think we should let Alex decide, since it's a present for him.

Plushy Ithaqua loves to go shopping. He was a BIG hit at Weaving Works. Apparently, we should be knitting him little outfits. I have plans to make some mini Ithaquas from the leftover fabric.
I hope he looks Ithaqua-y enough. There are only two pictures of Ithaqua that I could find on the web, and then the one in the new Arkham Horror. Plus the one short description from the book. "Ithaqua, the Wind Walker, appears as a cloud of fog or snow, huge but human in shape with blazing red eyes. When seen passing overhead, one gets the illusion of two bright stars close together."

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