Tuesday, December 27, 2005

They have just announced on the radio that there is an 100% percent chance that it will rain today, and that is is raining. I like that.
It always annoys me when the forecast is for anything less then a 100% chance of rain, as it is in my online weather forecast, when they also say the current weather is rain. Seems like that would require a temporal shift.

Two funny things today.

Of interest to [info]verysmallcat, soon you will be unable to buy Wonderbread in Washington and Oregon. Apparently people here like whole grains too much. It is the end of an era.
But then, I suppose you usually buy the Wonderbread alike knock offs, which are still widely available.

Also, some prisoners managed to escape from a Florida prison over the weekend by tying their bedsheets together and climbing out the window. I guess that had to happen some time.

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