Monday, December 19, 2005

Our printer hates me

And Dell's customer service person had no clue how to fix it, or even be remotely helpful, since every time he did actually tell me how to do something that might help, it was because he had put me on hold so he could ask someone else what to do.
I may just have to take my photo paper up to Seattle with me, and use my Dad's printer.
*kicks things*
In other news, I finished the baby quilts, and have had a whole weekend off from them. Yay! I think I've decided not to use the picture paper for the pics of these, since I need to include the explanation about where they are going. Plus, I couldn't find 4x6 envelopes.
I would post pictures, but they won't upload.
Maybe it's the computer that hates me. But in a new and horrible way.
*edited to add*
I managed to make it so the printer won't print anything. Go me!
Hopefully Walker can fix it when he gets home.
I hate today.

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