Wednesday, December 14, 2005


My mood is all over the place today. I blame quilts. That, and a lack of external stimulation.
I had this conversation with myself today.

Why do I have to work on more baby quilts?
Because this was your idea, and it beats trying to figure out what David B. wants.
I hate this quilt.
No, actually it's quite cute. Even if it is patriotic.
Okay, but I hate cowboy printed fabric.
Yes, but it's still cute.
True. I hate the Christmas tree. Why did I put it in the only spot that was big enough to baste quilts?
Because that was also the only good spot for the Christmas tree. And you love the Christmas tree. Look how cute it is. Use the kitchen table instead.
I don't WANT to use the kitchen table.
Fine, what do you want to do then?
Not work on quilts.
Not an option.
Fine. I'll use the kitchen table.
You should get Famine to help you.
Yeah, like that's a good idea.
This quilt is really cute.

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