Wednesday, November 2, 2005

Our next door neighbors have a large black friendly lab. They keep her in their backyard all the time, which makes me want to run over there and yell at them. Such a cruel thing to do to a lab. They need their family.
The fence is starting to break where she lunges to try and get at people when they walk by the fence. It's been gradually inching forward and today I noticed that she was able to get her head and shoulder partway out. I pushed it closed, but now I'm really going to have to talk to her about it, as the dog barking and lunging was starting to scare people who came to visit us.
I don't have very high hopes for her actually fixing the problem. She frequently leaves her garbage can on the curb for 4 days after pickup. She parks in the middle of the driveway and then leaves in another car so that we have to squeeze our car by hers very carefully.

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