Wednesday, September 7, 2005

For my own edification

I am in town for about a week. Walker is not.
I had originally planned to deal with the caterers while here, but they don't want to deal with me yet. There are a few other wedding things to do, but they won't take up my time.
I was thinking earlier today that I should have dome more advance planning and gotten ahold of friends. But now that I've started making those plans I'm starting to lose track.
Hence, my schedule:
Wednesday: Invitations, comic book shopping
Thursday: Sika
Friday: Lyss
Saturday: Grandma and cake shopping with Mom
Sunday: Mika's birthday party
Monday: Dinner with Todd and Tonya and possibly others
Tuesday: Collect Bea from the airport, lunch with Bea and Pearl
Wednesday: Flowers, fly home.

I suppose I should call Nana tomorrow and figure out when to borrow her car.

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