Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Boring sewing ramble ahead.

I'm very proud of myself, I've managed to finish my oldest project.

This was actually from a project my Grandfather was working on when he died. Grandma offered the canvas to me and I started working on it right away. Needless to say, I haven't been working on it continuously. The poor dear has been on the needle pointing frame for a good 12 years, and now she desperately needs to be blocked. I've never tried to block anything before. I'll have to Google that. I'm sure it involves wood. She isn't quite as crooked as she looks in the picture, but she was dirty, so I washed her, and now she's wrinkly.

I also finished this

Actually, looking at the fabric a bit closer, I think it's all from the early 80's, not the 70's, but what, really is the difference?
I'm not entirely happy with the way the sleeves sit. I might take them out, or just enlarge the armhole. I have plenty of the green fabric left, so I can always cut new sleeves. I'm going to wash it and see how it looks then. The flowered trim sticks up in the back like a tiny jaunty collar, which is an accident, and I'm trying to decide if I like it that way.
Apparently this project is not as done as I thought it was.

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