Monday, August 15, 2005

I am the worst snake mom ever

The last time it was feeding time for the snakes, the mice ganged up one of the mice before Walker got home to feed the snakes. That was much more upsetting to me then the mice getting eaten, what with the natural order of the food chain and all. I'm a big believer in there being nothing wrong with carnivores eating prey. However, the idea of vicious mice gangs upsets me.
So this time I decided to feed the snakes myself. I put on the ski gloves so the snakes couldn't bite me, don't worry Mom. But, just after I'd gotten the fist snake into her little feeder cage, the lid to the living cage fell down and shattered. Like, 20 pieces, one of which nicked Pestilence's side. I feel like the worst Mom ever now.
Feeding has been put on hold until a new lid for the living cage arrives, mice have beet greens and crackers in case they get hungry, and are willing to eat such things. I will try to pick one up after my dentist appointment at 2.

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