Saturday, July 30, 2005

Today I went to the San Francisco Opera Sale! I got there at 11 and was in line unil 2. Then I was through shopping at 2:30, but mostly because I refused to let myself even look at anything that was more the $25. I did catch glimpses of the $100 and $300 racks while I was looking at fabrics and they were gorgeous, so I'm glad I didn't. [info]joeychen I highly recommend it. I think they will still have piles and piles of things on Sunday.
I got a bolt of white lining for my wedding dress, a bolt of purple and pink sari fabric (uncut) and a bolt each of red and green shot silk. Too bad neither of them is th right colour to go with what I've already collected for my 18th century walking dress, but they are still pretty. I should just give up and have an all red and green wardrobe. I can be like Purple Marc, only I'll be Christmas Shannon.
I also got some black crinkly cotton to make a poet shirt for Walker, and a lime green cape.
Now I just need to start working on things. Probably the wedding dress first, now that I have the under fabrics for it. I'll need to figure out what stays I want to use.
My house smells like opera now!

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