Friday, July 15, 2005

Post from Inbetweenland

Yesterday was Google's summer picnic. I now firmly believe they are the silliest company on earth.
The theme was "Childhood games" so different sections of the park were labeled "Monopolyland", "Candyland", and "Twisterland"
There were carnival rides, and cotton candy and food and all sorts of stuff. Plus there was spin art. I always loved spin art.
My favorite part, by far, was that when walking between "Monopolyland" and everything else, you passed through "Inbetweenland" where a man was standing on a rainbow island shouting "Welcome to Inbetweenland, that was is Monopolyland, that way is Twisterland and Candyland!" It had to be the single most boring job at the picnic.
Unfortunately, Walker was pretty out of it. He is on call for the first time this week. So he has now spent three nights this week up late fixing things, even last night when Dublin was technically in charge. So we just ate and looked around and then he went back to work.

Today I go to the Pitch'n'Bitch with [info]joeychen. She and her friends get together once a year for camping and crafting. This should be a blast.

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