Monday, July 18, 2005


I had a fabulous time this weekend at the Pitch'n'Bitch! Thank you again [info]joeychen for nagging me to go.
There were enough people there that there were always at least two groups of conversations going on, and I usually managed to be in one of them. I'm insanely proud right now of how I no longer let my old social anxiety affect me. I think that all those Craft Days really helped get me over it. The only negative was the heat. It was over 100 degrees on Saturday. We spent most of that day at the lake.
I got to know [info]clynne who shared a tent with me better, which is wonderful. She caught me up on 10 year old gossip about [info]metaltweety. I love old gossip.
And today, when I checked lj, some of the ladies I met had already friended me! Now to try and figure out who exactly they all are.

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