Wednesday, July 6, 2005

And I finally, pictures!

As promised, I finally took pictures of the house. That part was actually easy, once I found the camera, the hard part was figuring out which computer could upload them.

The pool is big enough for three people to do laps side by side, but the diving board is about 2 feet. maybe a foot and a half. It's comical. More so since there is a safety fence around the pool and since the backyard is so small you would have to climb over the ladder at the back of the pool to get to it.
Suffice it to say, no one has used the diving board yet.

Here is half the living room. You do not get to see the other half as it is covered in boxes right now. At any rate, this room is twice as big as this.

This is the guest bedroom. The only room that is completely unpacked. It is also the only bedroom with an overhead light. The living room also doesn't have an overhead light. We need more lamps.

This is the tiny bathroom, just a sink and a toilet. It is all white in reality, which is probably why it showed up yelow.

The big bathroom. The whole tub/shower is tiled in that pretty pink tile around the sinks.

And last but not least:

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