Saturday, June 11, 2005

Why I hate Bank of America

When we went to change our address and add me to Walker's existing account, we were told we needed to create a new account in California, so we did.
We received our checks within the week, and my debit card after another week and a half. We did not get a debit card for Walker.
I called the 1-800 number to activate the card and was told that I needed to finish activating my debit card at an atm, so I took some checks to the atm to deposit them and was informed that I was entering the wrong pin number, despite the fact that I got to choose it and I chose the same one I was using on my old account. I called the help number. I explained my problem, the lady cheerfully informed me that my debit card WAS activated and I could use it anytime I wanted. I reexplained my problem and she said, "Okay, I'll reset your pin number." Then she said that if that didn't work I'd have to go into the bank and have it changed there. It didn't work.
We decided to wait and do all our angry banking at once, today.
So Walker calls the bank and is informed that he is not on the account, despite the fact that his name is on the checks along with mine AND they took all his information down at the branch when starting the account including having him fill out the debit card paperwork.
Not only that, we were given a choice on our check holder, so we requested green and were sent a blue one. Walker is currently on the phone finding out if we can just keep his existing Washington accounts. If they say no, I may get my wish to transfer to everything to a different bank. *Eyes local Washington Mutual branch hopefully*

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