Sunday, June 12, 2005

Long long ago

Back when Wells Fargo was first moving into Washington, Washington Mutual ran some ads showing a classroom with a bunch of bank employees trying to learn how to pronounce things like "Tukwila" and "Puyallup" These mispronunciations I understood, and there was one where [info]firesika and I never did figure out what they were trying to say (It wasn't Sequim). But they also managed to mangle Everett, which I thought was silly. Sika told me that she and her Dad liked to drive around with her Grandmother from California and listen to her try to pronounce the names.
Now that I'm down here, I understand why it is hard, until you are used to coastal native names, to pronounce things. I have no concept of how you are really supposed to pronounce "Alameda de las Pulgas" and if you were to shorten it, which part you would say. I think I'm pronouncing it right, since I have a vague concept of how Spanish sounds from high school, but I won't really know until I hear a native say it. And since no one offers, say, "Salish" as a language credit in high school, I can see how it would hard.

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