Tuesday, June 28, 2005

I found this feed: [info]caquakes, after the tsunami warning and now everytime there is an earthqauke in California, my LJ tells me so. Unfortunatly it seems to register multiple times for earthquakes that last longer then a few seconds, so it seems like there are more earthquakes then there really are, but it's all good. And so far, they've all been under a magnitude of 5.

The weirdest part about [info]metaltweety nondisclosure agreement is walking into the den to see what that noise is, having him tell me it's something I'm not supposed to see, and then just having to walk out without further discussion.

This weekend [info]estrellada comes to visit. Much fun will be had by all. Also, Walker gets Monday and Tuesday off from work, so we will actually have time to do something fun together, like go to Great America.

I took pictures of the house, and of Etienne in the pool, but I need Walker's help to upload them. Hopefully this weekend I will actually get around to that.

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