Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Delayed posting due to apathy

sugardivalish and littlebooboy came to visit me and Walker last week. It was lots of fun. Lyss was the BEST guest. I forsee us starting a mutual admiration society any day now. Also Etienne was so well behaved and happy. I was surprised with how well he dealt with the interuption in his normal schedule.
Things we did:
Etienne went swimming for the first time ever. He was really not sure of it at first, but he got used to it. Mostly he enjoyed running around the perimeter of the pool while I followed him in the water, just in case he fell in. He found a rubber duck in an old pot by the far corner of the pool, and I think that means that this is indeed the right house for us.
We wandered around Berkely twice. The first time with verysmallcat, who was in town as a roadie for a Kabuki show. Lyss took us to the best crepe place. We all wished the crepes would travel well so that we could just buy a bunch and eat them for the rest of the week. They also showed me a great game store in Berkely, which I have every intention of going to frequently, and never mind the fact that we no longer have people to game with. The second time was on Sunday, and Walker took us to a fondue place highly recommended by clynne. The owner was very interested in Etienne, and was very upset when told that the baby was going back to Seattle. He offered him a job in the restaurant and we told Etienne that it was probably the best deal he was going to get for a long time. But he seemed uninterested.
Most people we encountered were very interested in Etienne. He gets more attention then any other baby I've been with.

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