Monday, May 9, 2005

Weekend update: Now with product placements for your pleasure

So, finally on Saturday our stuff arrived from United Van Lines. Note to self: Next time movers get hired to move your things, let them pack everything breakable. Because I slef packed my stuff, some of the nice china I got from my Grandmothers got broken. And they aren't responsible since I packed it. And Todd, you can stop looking for a new ladle, because the broke the punch bowl too.
We watched the movers bring everything in while our new landlord installed new Jeld Wen windows. He had them ordered when we got here last week, and had expected to put them early last week, but they only showed up on Friday, so that was that. We got to keep track of which boxes came in. The movers would yell numbers out, and Walker would mark them down on an inventory sheet while I told them where things went. Everything was accounted for except for the legs for my Ikea work table. We think they are probably in a box labled "Storage." Snakes got put in their respective cages, and all are much happier for that. Hopefully Famine's heating pad shows up soon. The Landlord was quite impressed by Famine's size. His brother sat in front of her cage for a good 10 minutes before he realized that there was something in there.
After the movers left we went for lunch at Freash Choice and discovered where the Cal Train station is. Now Walker just has to figure out how often Google's employee shuttle will pick him up at which station. Then we came back home and unpacked a lot until it was time to meet Walker's Dad and Stepmom at Arrivederci and Bella a reasonably nice italian steak restaurant here in Redwood City. Strangely enough, they offered dessert from the same company that Mad Pizza uses. Which is even funnier because I had found a coupon from them in one of the kitchen boxes earlier.
Then we came home and killed things for awhile, and went to bed.
On Sunday, we woke up early and went to Safeway to stock up on perishables and watch men run in and out of the store with things like toilet paper and flowers. I never thought this actually happened, but I think all over the city, children were bouncing into bedrooms shouting "Happy Mother's Day!" and Dad's were jumping out of bed and saying, "Honey! We're out of toilet paper! I'll be RIGHT back."
Then we unpacked more. Walker discovered that his computer switch is broken, and he could only get one of the computers working with the net, and it's the Linux box. So before going to have dinner with some of his Caltech friends, we headed out to Fry's Electronics. I've never been to one before. It was funny. Each one is in a warehouse and a different theme. The one we went to was Wild West themed, which really didn't seem to fit. We also stopped at Bed, Bath & Beyond to pick up some needed household goods.
Walker's friends live in Oaklandso we headed across a bridge, and hung out for a long time. I met Deepi, Edk and their adorable 9 month old daughter, who have a beautful craftsman style home. Ed works at Maxis on the Sims 2 project. Hey, Lyss, they said they have some single friends who work there!
I just realized that I booked my drivers test for today, and not only did Walker take the car to work with him, but the Direct TV people are supposed to show up at the same time. I should see how hard it is to reschedule.

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