Monday, May 16, 2005

This weekend Walker and I managed to find both Famine's heating pad, and the legs for my table. This means we've found everything we NEEDED to find. Getting everything unpacked, is another story entirely.
On Saturday we went to San Fransisco on the CalTrain. Apparently, that train is for taking people to the baseball stadium. Anything else requires Muni, Bart or one of the 70 zillion other mass transit systems in San Fransisco.
We walked to Fisherman's Terminal and saw the farmers market there. Then we decdied we didn't actually need any veggies or things right now, so we took a cable car up to Chinatown and walked around there for awhile. We found a candy store that sells bulk chocolate filled marshmallows, like the ones Bea used to buy at Great Wall Mall. They even had other flavors, like pudding, grape and strawberry. I bought one of each just to make sure I liked them.
On Sunday we went out to the Sacramento River and let Walker's biological father take us for a ride on his boat. I got sunburned despite having put on sunscreen and the cloudy day. Go me! It was very amusing to watch Steve assume that Walker would automatically know about boat stuff because he is a boy, and that I wouldn't know which rope to tie to the dock because I am a girl.
Like I've never been on a boat before.
Today Stewie is trying out a new doggy daycare. He seemed happy when I left, well, up until we wouldn't let him leave with me. Hopefully they will like him too, and we can leave him there while we go to Seattle this weekend.
In other news, I will be in Seattle this weekend. I'm going to look at wedding sites and hang out with Tillie a bit. Oh! And go to the comic book store.

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