Wednesday, May 4, 2005

I love El Camino Real

Since I developed a severe case of stir crazyness yesterday afternoon, I decided to run a whole bunch of errands today. After the errands, it was about time for the maid to be "refreshing" the room, so we decided to keep driving down El Camino Real and see what we could see.
This is my favorite street down here, despite the fact that I have only found one thrift store on it so far. It goes all the way up the peninsula as far as I can tell. Every where that we have gone since we arrived here was easily accessible from El Camino Real, even when google maps has directed us on other freeways. Plus it has stop lights and a max speed of 45, so it's not as intimidating as, say, 101. At least for me.
Today Stewie and I:
Went to the post office and bought stamps from the machine. I now have 30 bajillion dollar coins because I used a $20 bill to buy them.
Found the DMV and picked up the California Drivers Handbook to prepare for my test, which I scheduled this morning, as well as the licensing for the car. These things are supposed to be done withing 10 days of establishing residency. I think that's a bit ridiculous.
Went to PetCo since Stewie was running out of food, a velvet bimple the only kind of chewing bone we've found that Stewie will actually chew, and some teeny tiny Greenies which are Stewie's favorite things ever and we can now start using those as the "we are leaving treats" since he's started ignoring his other ones.
Went to Old Navy and bought two new skirts. I neglected to pack my jeans and instead packed Walker's, so I've been feeling under dressed every time the weather gets cloudy. Now I don't have to worry about it.
We also found a Trader Joe's near our house, a yarn store within walking distance, and a comic book store. We didn't go in though. It's more important to know they are there then to actually be in them right now.

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