Sunday, April 17, 2005

Silly Alaska Airlines!

Pearl was telling me the other day that the SeaTac airport parking lot was full for the first time in a long time and this meant good things for business. We then discussed the perils of over booking. Why, when youe industry is tanking and you are struggling desperately to stay afloat would you continue a practice that costs you money.
Well, today Walker and I have agreed to go on a later flight to Portland, and then connect to a fligth to Seattle in exchange for a free round trip ticket for anytime we want, anywhere, within a year. We plan to use it at Thanksgiving thereby saving us at least $500, assuming we use the companion fare Walker gets with his Visa card every year. The flight from Portland to Seattle is now overbooked to accommodate us, so there's the possibility that we can do this all over again for another set of free tickets we can use for Christmas.
All of the flights from San Jose to Seattle today are booked. All the flights from Oakland to Seattle and San Fransisco to Seattle are booked. Apparently this happens every Sunday. They have no current plans to add flights. If you plan to come visit us, we now recommend that you arrange to leave any day BUT Sunday. Or buy a ticket for Sunday, but plan to return home Monday anyway.

BTW Sika, they no longer do the inspirational napkins.

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