Thursday, March 31, 2005

Moving has me all in a kerfluffle.
Not only am I picking at scabs with a vengance, something I have never managed to stop doing, but was recently getting almost self destructive, but I am now picking up weird bits of emotion.
Yesterday I got a bill from Comcast charging us for the cable modem they made no attempt to get back, not even telling us that they wanted it back at all. Fortunately Todd still has it.
But then I had the sinking feeling for a good 20 minutes that I had done something insanely stupid with my money.
Then today I was watching starting over. One of the girls found out that her aunt has been incredibly mean to her ever since her mother died and her aunt was made executor of the will, she called to try and work it out and her aunt is refusing to speak to her. So now, I'm angry. I can feel it in my throat. It seems an awfully strong reaction to something that happened on a TV show.
I need to calm down.

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