Monday, February 21, 2005

For those who haven't heard yet

Bea and I were in a car accident yesterday. My front left tire blew out on I-5 in the left hand lane.

Good things: Neither of us is really badly hurt.
All the other cars managed to avoid us.
I didn't get a ticket.
There was a nice man who was behind it when it all happened and waited for the police to come. He even made me put on a sweater and talked to 911 for us.
The XRay tech was totally hawt. He had the best Scottish brogue.

Bad things: Orlando is totaled. Good bye Orlando.
I had to tell the whole story, including why I couldn't possibly be pregnant too many times yesterday.
When I called my Mom to tell her I can't clean today, she asked if it was my fault. Legally, I think it is my fault, but I don't actually think there was anything I could have done to stop it.
The vicodin makes the pain go away, but doesn't make me sleepy. Plus I have to take two to make it work. At least I won't need it for long.

Now I get/have to take the next few days off from working.

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