Monday, February 7, 2005

Continuing adventures with Bust

As most of you already know, the new subscription service Bust is using is horrible. Surprisingly enough though, I got the Rose McGowan (Jan) issue on time and in perfect condition. Yesterday, for no apparent reason I got another copy.
I called the subscription office this morning and was informed that I had ordered a replacement copy, due to damage. "Not true!" said I. Some poor person, hopefully one who is at least named Shannon, is waiting angrily for a new copy, while I have two perfectly decent ones.
I'm surprised this copy even got here, since the hand addressed label was to Bedwood City, and they mismarked the zipcode as well. I checked with the lady, to make sure that my address was correct in their computer, and she was annoyed that I was wasting her time with such a silly question.

Does anyone want my spare copy?

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