Saturday, January 8, 2005

Walker took Selina, Becca, Andrew and I to a hockey game yesterday. The Thunderbirds are in a league where all the players are 16-18 years old. Apparently, people are very excited about a young man named Derek Couture, whom they have mysteriously nicknamed "D-Rock" and "Coots". Despite the fact that both teams seemed unable to actually handle the puck, it was fun. At least for me. I think Becca was only there so that we would play Hacker with her afterwards.
The best part was definitely when the Jr. Leauge went out on the ice. There's nothing quite as exciting as watching a 6 year old try desperatly to fin the puck right between his skates.
I think I've decided I like hockey. If the NHL ever stops imploding, maybe we can go up to Vancouver and watch the Canucks. Not that the Canucks are much better

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