Monday, January 17, 2005

I am a hero to my bank

I got spam from someone claiming to be Washington Mutual asking me to confirm my account info ASAP, because someone had broken into my online account.
My first thought was "I wonder if they will tell me what my password is, cause I can't remember."
Then I called the bank. The customer service man was very glad I had and asked me to forward the e-mails to the spoof department to help them catch the people doing it.
Which makes me wonder. How do people get e-mail accounts without knowing what to look out for in the world of spam? Are these the same people that used to get fooled by phone callers asking for their credit card numbers?
Note to the world: Your bank will not e-mail you with URGENT matters. They have much easier ways to get ahold of you. For goodness sake, they know where you live.

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