Monday, November 1, 2004

Every year for the last 6 years, except for one, which is not worth mentioning; needless to say, it sucked, I have gone to visit my friends Pam and Neil and their four children for Halloween.
Canada is the best place for Halloween. Not only do you get mini sized bars of Aeros and Smarties, but you get weird Indian and Asian candies too.
Robin told me he had decided to be a Bush. I suggested all he needed was a cowboy hat and a suit, but he decided to be a shrubbery instead. It was an excellent costume. He got many compliments, but it was uncomfortable and pokey. Probably not a costume to repeat.
Forrest was the Witch King of Angmar. I made the crown out of construction paper and cardboard. He thinks he wants to be Sauron next year. I told him if he does, he has to give me more notice because it will take me at least a week to make all that armour out of cardboard.
I have been also told by the two younger children that they are very dissapointed that I didn't bring Walker. This has never happened with any of my boyfriends before. Even the one they liked.

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