Monday, September 20, 2004

Canada is my friend

Just a few notes from Saturday, before I forget:

1) Saying you are going to a funeral is a good way to get through the border fast.
2) I love Ribena.
3) kylldoran I have Smarties! Joo vant to touch my Smarties?

estrellada and I have long been trying to figure out why so many of the geeks we've slept with have larger then average penises. At one point we were going to measure the distance from the tip of all the erect penises we encountered to the belly button on the theory that there is always the same distance, and people with smaller penises have lower belly buttons. We never got around to that though.
The current theory is that extended exposure to computer screens as a young lad causes larger penises growth. We are explaining this whole theory to babboo and breklor walks into the conversation at the point that we say "Because of extended computer use."
He says, "I got to eat at my desk once because of that!"
Much hilarity ensued.

I will not bore you all with stories of my Sims. However, I LOVE the game. Thank you Walker.

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