Thursday, August 26, 2004

It's a bit too early to think about Christmas...

But none of my extended family ever wants me to buy them presents, so I spend a lot of time figuring out things I can make instead.
This year I have decided to donate blankets in their names to Project Linus.
(Mika, want to go on in on this with me?)
Project Linus collects and distributes blankets to children from birth to 18 who are in the hospital. It's a kick ass organization who have been around for years.
Just imagine being 3, and having to stay in the hospital for months on end and someone giving you a blanket.
I have had this thought before, and Squee and I seriously talked about it last year, but then we ran out of time.
I am doing it this year. At least a few. Really, as many as I can crank out. I've already started one.
Does anyone want to do this with me? We can have a blanket making Craft Day or two. All styles of blankets are welcome, including quilts, tied comforters, fleece blankets, crocheted or knitted afghans, and receiving blankets in child-friendly colors.
If you don't want to do this, but can think of someone who would, please pass this on. I think I've decided this is my new pet charity.

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