Friday, October 10, 2003

So, this morning I had a nightmare that I was in a really great relationship for a few weeks and then the guy died.
We had met through mutual friends at a bachelor party similar to Todd's sister's bachelor party.
I end up at a boat contest with the couple who introduced us. My now dead boyfriend's boat is one of the entrants. The officiants call me down to his boat so that I can take his place which involves holding a stuffed bug, while wearing a specific shirt which makes something appear in a tub. This did not actually do anything to the boat, and I could stand next to my friends while I did it. I did this very well apparently and won.
I could have anything I wanted as a prize and I decided that I wanted to relieve those two weeks before he died so that I could spend every minute with him. I kept having to restart though because something would go wrong.

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